Quick Reference guide to Louisville’s Portland (and why we buy houses in Portland KY)

Do you know Portland? We do, and here’s why we love to buy houses in Portland

If you’ve lived in the Louisville neighborhood of Portland your whole life., you can thank Gen. William Lytle II who owned land just below the Falls of Ohio.  The enterprising General decided to organize a settlement and sell off plots of land to finance a canal around the Falls.  So, in 1811 he began his project.

[The General was also the founder of Cincinnati, and the University.  There are local rumors that he originally was selling kegs of nails to the residents of Louisville, creating a  minor grudge match between the two municipalities lasting to this present time.  Thankfully he moved west a couple blocks before being tied to a keg and thrown into the Ohio.]

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Of course, because of Portland’s location on the Ohio, it was a center of ship freighting, and a multitude of wharves grew up quickly.  And as a resident if you’ve ever had a strange hankering for ratatouille, then you may have a little bit of the blood of the French immigrants who became the first residents of the neighborhood.

Shortly after this period, the Irish began arriving, and the French and Irish together began building the Louisville and Portland canal.  If you have any friends from across the Ohio, and have lovingly called them Hoosiers (it sounds better than Indianars), the name began in Portland.

Unfortunately, one of the canal contractors, Samuel Hoosier, preferred those men north of the Ohio to work on his projects, and they were called “Hoosier’s men”.  That was probably the polite term, because I am sure there were some colorful expressions tucked into between those words.

Over time Portland’s fortune have waxed and waned with Ohio commerce.  In fact the first woman (Mary Millicent Miller) to be licensed as a steam captain called Portland home. When wealth was present in large amounts, it left behind many historic homes and buildings such as:

  • the Squire Earick House
  • Enoch Lockhart’s Mansion
  • the United States Marine Hospital
  • Notre Dame du Pont Church
  • the scenic homes on Northwestern Parkway

And while Louisville may boast of the world’s largest bat

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Portland really holds the honor:


we buy houses Portland KY

And we musn’t forget the famous people and faces that have lived in Portland over the years:

  • John James Audubon
  • Pee Wee Reese
  • Paul Hornung
  • Howard Schnellenburger

Today Portland is seeing a resurgence.  Portland’s east-west boundaries run from 10th St to 39th.  The Ohio river marks the north and Market St. the south.  The Portland Initiative as well as investments by Gill Holland (of NuLu fame) is bringing much needed capital into the area.  And for art lovers there is the Tim Faulkner Gallery.

Be Proud Portland,

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P.S.  Now you know why we love the neighborhood and why we buy houses in Portland.  If you need to sell your Portland property, let us know.  

P.P.S.  For more interesting facts and pictures about Portland, check here.


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